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August, 25. 2014 - RHCE and RHCSA Sections

A Section for RHCE and RHCSA 7 Howtos has been added. This is not yet publicly available, but will be made public, once all howtos have been completed

June, 06. 2014 - RHEL 7

RHEL 7.0 has been released with a lot of changes versus RHEL6 (systemd instead of upstart, nmcli, ssm, firewalld, etc)

October, 07. 2013 - RHEL 5.10

6 days after the announcement, even I realized that redhat put out a new RHEL5 minor release, 5.10.

From a sysadmin point of view, "Knowledge Base article and solution viewing from the console (formatted as man pages)" sounds pretty nifty. I got to try that once I find some time to spare

Current Hot Links:
These are some of the most interesting links from the link Section which is currently not yet online:
  • SelfHTML - Documentation about HTML/CSS/PHP/XML
  • DistroWatch - Linux Distribution list and Documentation.
  • Gentoo Wiki - Gentoo Linux HowTos, usable for more than just Gentoo
  • Dpreview - Digital Camera Reviews and Specifications
  • GSMArena - GSM Mobile Phone/PDA Review and Specifications site

Oct, 01. 2013 - Re-opening of netadmin.ch

netadmin.ch has been re-opened and is currently being reworked.

There will still be quite some quirks with the layout and there may be a few changes here and there from time to time.

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